• A Childs World

    what kind of world is it my friend
    that little children see?
    I wonder if they see god first
    because they just believe?... more »

  • Depression

    i get a funny feeling
    it comes from deep inside
    i get all mad and angry
    wanting to go and hide... more »

  • Good Hurt

    lost in this fatal reality....no one in the world wants to see,
    the pain and suffering, that controls me
    stuck between right and wrong
    im sure everyone would get along... more »

  • Love Of God

    When the world starts to seem so dark and cold
    the love you have for me will never fold.
    Even when I have given up on you
    you have been there to help me get through.... more »

  • Open Up

    crashing down, thunder lightening
    stormy seas, dark skies, black clouds
    never ceasing
    you so stong not breaking... more »

  • That Faithful Leap

    As i looked into his eyes
    and found his longing stare
    i stopped myself from saying words
    that would show how much i care... more »

  • We Are Good

    Teenagers are amazing
    I wish the world would see
    Just how beautiful we are
    how compassionate we can be... more »