Well, there is yet alot of life to be experienced before I write my biography.


Ashley Proulx Poems

A Broken Heart

Getting over a broken heart is like mourning the death of a loved one; only what has died is the beating in your chest and the warmth that held you tight.
When love starts to wither and fade you can’t help but to sense is.
When the love has died your lovers eyes grow cold and dim, lifeless and it feels as if your looking right into the eyes of a corpse,
You see emptiness, you feel numb and burning pain all at once.... more »

A Little Inspiration

A chapter has ended, finally after so much torment had been endured,
A new chapter has opened but it’s still in the works,
So far it’s been a great new beginning.
Life works in a lot of different ways, throwing things at you that left you unprepared but none the less the inevitable is not the end but a change in direction.... more »

At Times

At times you feel pain so strongly it rips you apart in ways you never thought possible.
All you wanted was to be loved
All you ever longed for was someone to hold you tight through these long lonely nights.
No matter how hard you try, how much you keep believing you wonder if there really is anyone out there who truly cares.... more »

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