• Austin's Eyes

    The power that Austin's eyes have over me amazes me everyday,
    Bringing bliss to my life in a very unique way.
    Looking at him, I can't help but smile,
    Feeling something I haven't felt in a while.... more »

  • For Our Soldiers

    They left for war,
    Without a second thought.
    Walked out the door,
    Willing to get caught.... more »

  • Forever Changed

    You came into my life when it was dark and grim,
    And somehow made me smile again.
    You took away all my pain and fears,
    Like an angel, you made them disappear.... more »

  • Lost Friendships

    You promised to always be there,
    But you walked away without a care.
    Found a man and chose him over me,
    And it was me that you would no longer need.... more »

  • Starting Over

    I dream of a land far away from here,
    Without any troubles, pain or fears.
    In this place I would be happy and free,
    Without anyone to criticize or hassle me.... more »

  • The Girl In The Shadows

    We see her everyday,
    She's the girl sitting alone,
    Watching others play,
    You see, she comes from a broken home,... more »

  • Tired

    I’m tired of the lies,
    Tired of your deceiving disguise,
    Tired of be treated like a fool,
    Tired of living under your rule,... more »