• For Those Who Are Worth It

    You want my pity
    You want my tears
    But I only shed my tears for those who are worth it... more »

  • Freedom's Song

    Freedom's song is one with many voices.
    Its lyrics are of love, hope,
    bravery, and courage.
    Its instruments are played with the wisdom of many years.... more »

  • I Will Stand Tall

    I can be hit
    I can be struck
    I can be rammed down with a truck... more »

  • Misinterpretation

    What little we know we strut around with vigor.
    Like a newborn bird brags that it can fly.
    We use what is of want unlike the wise and necessity.... more »

  • Reading Deep

    I remember it clearly,
    As though it happened yesterday.
    In fact as though it happened today.
    For that is how reply it touched me.... more »

  • Variety

    Must you be so difficult so
    as to find pleasure in only extravagance.
    Must it be only the diamond, or he silk, or the heel, or the hair
    that is worth enough to wear.... more »