i'm 18yrs old and i write out everything...feelings thoughts and what i want to say.i'm pretty shy and don't talk that much unless approached first... all things that are written on here are all written on my own and are true feelings and thoughts... i'm thinking about having just a book of all my writtings and see what people think but i'm trying to get a contract to write books anything else just ask


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Is there such a thing as love?
Or is there a different meaning?
Is it really a true passion or is it just a saying?
Why do they define love, as a deep, tender feeling for someone?... more »

Goodbye! ! ! (Note To The Family) Is It Worth It? Not Suicidal! ! ! !

To everyone i care about,

to all the people that know me and to all the people that care.... more »

Never Knowing

as i sit here and look at all the scars on my wrists
i watch the new ones bleeding out
the pain from it is no longer there
im used to seeing the blood pouring out of the open wounds... more »

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