• Coats

    the winters thin white coat
    that lies on th ground
    of all the places for me to drown
    Lying here under the ice.... more »

  • Goodbye! ! ! (Note To The Family) Is It Worth It? Not Suicidal! ! ! !

    To everyone i care about,

    to all the people that know me and to all the people that care.... more »

  • In This World

    im stuck i this world
    thats full of lies
    im stuck in this world with all the hate
    wherever you go... more »

  • Life Sux

    living in a world that dont breathe
    trying to leave
    need need to find a way out
    looking all around... more »

  • Living A Lie

    i've grown up in a house of lies
    why you may ask?
    how should i know
    all i was taught was lie, lie, lie... more »

  • Living Life

    i've lived my life
    to it's fullest extent
    i've made it through
    the one thing i just couldn't do... more »

  • Love

    Is there such a thing as love?
    Or is there a different meaning?
    Is it really a true passion or is it just a saying?
    Why do they define love, as a deep, tender feeling for someone?... more »

  • Love Like A Ghost

    Visions of you become so blurry,
    As your presence becomes more soothing
    I can feel it on my shadow
    And my shadow follows me.... more »

  • Mom & Dad

    where were you when i was two?
    where were you when i needed you?
    you weren't there
    because you didn't care,... more »

  • Nanny

    If you were there,
    When I saw her die,
    you would know the pain i saw in her eyes.
    You would never believe her last words or laughter.... more »

  • Never Knowing

    as i sit here and look at all the scars on my wrists
    i watch the new ones bleeding out
    the pain from it is no longer there
    im used to seeing the blood pouring out of the open wounds... more »

  • Nothing Left

    Nothing left to say, nothing to lose
    Don't say what you can't undo

    Empty memories still wanting to be filled... more »

  • Pain, Hate And Death

    living in my world of pain and hate
    it doesn't make sense anymore
    seeing you lying there
    dying right in front of my eyes... more »

  • Relationships

    the day you appeared i lost my heart
    to you, to love
    And from that day i cannot part
    From you, from love... more »

  • Rest In Peace-Adoni Gray

    I made a mistake,
    so what don't we all?
    mine was losing you,
    losing you to death,... more »

  • The Innocent Girl.

    living, loving, hating, fighting, betraying, back stabbing
    is all they know
    no matter how much i'm hurting
    they're still hitting and kicking... more »

  • This Is Not A Suicide Note!

    as i sit here and wonder
    is this what my life is supposed to be?
    why am i living?
    look at me.... more »

  • This Means Goodbye.Finally

    it's done...
    ready for digestion...
    introspection...... more »

  • Untitled 1

    I try so hard to give you what you need
    But it isn't easy when your me
    When you've been hurt so many times, and put through hell,
    and you just wana die,... more »