Ashlie Olsen Biography

I'm not sure exactly how I should start this so I guess I'll just start from the beginning. Back in Elementary and Middle School I absolutely hated poetry and just wished it would disappear.

Then my freshman year I had been working on my myspace page when just like that something I wrote turned into a poem. I saved it and then really didn't write again till about 6 months later, when someone close to me killed someone while driving under the influence of alcohol. The whole thing hit hard on me because I know so many people who drink and drive. I couldn't really talk about it with anyone so I picked a pencil and wrote a poem.

I helped me get through everything a lot easier. I didn't think it was all that great. I mean I loved it but I didn't think others would. When I finally got enough courage to show a few close friends and my english teacher they said it was amazing.

After showing a few people and hearing the words 'You have a gift' repeatedly I decided to start writing about other things such as God, the world's ideas, relationships, myself, and so much more.

Now that brings me to today. I write poetry and short stories. I am in the process of getting the poem Have you ever published. I also am a part-time actor. I enjoy playing other people a lot. Finally I'm just me. I play some sports, favorite being football. Hang out with a few people and go to church.