• A Little Room: I Long For

    A little room shall I find,
    In your beautiful temple of mind,
    The countryside cannot please me,
    And bare landscapes long not tease me.... more »

  • Absence: Despair

    Alone in the night,
    When stars seem bright,
    The sky is blue,
    And space around us is dark and white,... more »

  • Before You Sleep

    Promise me dear,
    Before you sleep,
    Sit in silence,
    And meditate deeply,... more »

  • Believe In..........,

    Believe in yourself whatever you do,
    You do always better for you,
    And you do always better for them,... more »

  • Come! Come! Dear

    Come! come! dear,
    Do not fear,
    Have some music,
    And have some dance,... more »

  • Consolation

    Hey dear! Çome hear! Do not go away!
    For my heart beats has become swift,
    For close of and love of you,
    Gives me courage and takes me over lift,... more »

  • Corps Diem: Let Us Love

    Darling! Darling!
    Look at the warning!
    The Time is storming,
    Sea like woorlling,... more »

  • Deep Inside The Mind

    Deep inside the mind,
    some feelings are unkind,
    Whom to tell and where to find exposure,
    The heart is under pressure,... more »

  • Devil In The Mind

    My dear love,
    Devil in the mind,
    Brings evil in the mind,
    Because the devil in the mind,... more »

  • In Lap Of Peace

    The air is thin and cool today,
    And the sky is clear blue,
    The stars look fresh and new,
    But it was cloudy yesterday,... more »

  • It Takes A Time

    My dear, it takes a time,
    To become water of the ice,
    As setting sun takes a time to rise again.... more »

  • Lonely Fair

    Lonely Fair one should have,
    To think of the self,
    The mind is seeking soulful help,
    There is hidden knowledge crave,... more »

  • Love Is Love

    Love is love and love is love,
    Whoever in love,
    Flies in the sky,
    Like that of Eagal,... more »

  • Mouthpiece

    My dear love,
    We can become the mouthpiece of each other,
    And we can become the mouthpiece of all,... more »

  • My Dear, Crystal Clear

    My dear, you are crystal clear,
    Your mind is crystal clear,
    And your soul is also clear.... more »

  • My Heart Aches

    O' your grace,
    Have some pity,
    And realise my feelings,
    And let me love,... more »

  • O Life! Slowly, O Slowly, Walk Not Fast

    O Life! slowly, o slowly, walk not fast,
    For there is still the indebtedness,
    And many sick souls to be healed;
    The scars are so deep and vast,... more »

  • O Morning!

    O Morning! beautiful morning,
    Whenever you come,
    First you listen my heartful prayer,
    Let me kneel and let me praise,... more »

  • O Mother!

    O Mother! you are my angel,
    Gave birth me birth;
    And made me cardinal,
    Gave me love;... more »

  • O Star! Listen To Me

    O star! Listen to me,
    We are the dark,
    But you are bright,
    Let you twinkle,... more »

  • Peep Inward And Look Inward

    Listen o dear,
    You peep inward and look inward,
    And don't be greedy and don't be coward,... more »

  • Reason Anger: The Way Life

    My dear,
    We can create distances only,
    The reason is an anger,
    But we cannot bind the hearts,... more »

  • Remember The Day

    Remember the day when we met,
    In my beautiful chamber of gate,
    There was peace and silence spread,
    Door was shut and comfort zone had different thread,... more »

  • Season Life

    Life is a twist,
    Full of mist,
    We knew but only gist,
    And there still remains,... more »

  • Shed Not Tears

    Do not shed tears for what is given,
    Forgive me for my words uneven,
    What I saw was mere perception,
    And didn't of your deception,... more »