• Eternity

    I know that you and I are one
    That we reside in everyone
    Then why this wish to see you smile... more »

  • G R A C E

    There is no one greater than you
    There is no Love better than you... more »

  • Krishna

    When I behold that face of yours Krishna
    Nothing else matters anymore my Krishna
    Heart is full and mind is very content also
    Please let me see when I part earth also!... more »

  • Leela

    What is the use Kanha of your Martya Leela
    If you separated from Radhe and the Gopis?
    What is the meaning then of your Nitya Leela?
    Where you exist with Radhe and the Gopis?... more »

  • Lord

    If out of love this universe was created
    And out of love this universe destroyed
    What is the reason for this play My Lord?
    Why then they hand us your Holy Word?... more »

  • Never Fall In Love

    Never fall in love rather in love rise
    Ever tall in love sweet are the wise
    Surrender all in love taste pure bliss
    Nothing less will do path do not miss!... more »

  • One And Only

    Though others speak of my freedom
    Which I may have earned by existing... more »

  • Rama

    The Day That Kausalya Does Not See His Face
    She is restless and sad so her heart does race
    Every person speaking she thinks it is her son
    She calls out His Name Rama Rama dear son!... more »

  • Today

    They say today is beautiful
    Year day and month in sync
    I say that day is beautiful... more »

  • Vision

    What Surdas could see and no other
    When you were running from Mother
    Your agile feet barely touching ground... more »

  • Yogi

    Even as a householder you are a yogi supreme
    For the world a worldy person you might seem... more »