• Blind View

    The thirsty eyes of mine
    looked for something divine
    but found nothing else
    than care from few hands... more »

  • Changing Seasons

    What a beautiful weather ! ! ! ? ? ?
    How i love to see! ! ! ? ? ?
    the wind, the blow,
    making the leaves to flow,... more »

  • Feeling Lonesome

    In the midst of the crowd
    I don't feel so proud
    When I find myself
    All alone with thousands... more »

  • I Wish I Was Young Again! ! !

    I wish I was young again
    could play in the rain with my friends again,
    roam free in the fields
    and climb over the trees... more »

  • Life

    Life is like a street
    We move on through it,
    Many pass by us
    For the other end of this street... more »

  • Live Scrible

    i took the top off n, with
    bare nip i wrote down ma dare...........
    the written was unseen, coz its pale.......
    pale as grey, grey as graveyard n,... more »

  • My 1 Hour Class

    I want to sleep, but can't weep
    'am in the class, but all absent
    my minds wandering!
    Sometimes its searching! ME?... more »

  • Paused!

    The days were great, but
    I felt missing something
    around me!
    I try to search, but... more »