• I Drowned

    All night of thinking
    My brain full of weird thoughts
    I'm down deep in my thoughts
    I'm drowning.... more »

  • It's Happening

    I told myself I wouldn't trip
    You talk about other females to my face
    I just shake my head and walk away
    I don't know what's going on... more »

  • Not Meant To Be

    Yeah I miss him
    But it's not worth it
    He's angry at the truth
    It's just not meant to be.... more »

  • That's Not You

    You go out and do drugs
    How you're stuck on it like a bug
    You're changing your self
    Even I know that's not you.... more »

  • The Friendship Is Over

    This is the last time i'll hurt BFF's
    When I hurt them, I hurt myself more
    Now i'm stuck on stupid
    All this over a boy?... more »