A Star in this Vast Universe;
A Drop in these Vast Oceans;
A Blink in the Eye of Eternity;
This Is Me.


asma bahrainwala Poems

*** Soulful Ruminations

Emotions, images, ideas
Touch my mind
Like a plectrum touching
The strings of a lyre.... more »

** (My First Attempt At Satire)

A mighty nincompoop
The presiding deity seated on
The canonical pedestal
Sways his scepter... more »

Winds Of Change

A solitary stunted bud
In a barren garden
Of repressed desires
Parched to the core... more »

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Comments about asma bahrainwala

Andrew mark Wilkinson 18 Feb 2007 04:52
Asma your work is so good, Fantastic poet i agree...
Reuben Matthew 20 Nov 2006 04:32
Dear Asma, You are a fantastic poet. You have a natural flair for words and it reflects in your poetry. Your poems dont read like they are laboriously constructed. Your ideas dont appear contrived. Your thoughts, and thereby your poems, flow smoothly. The simplicity and (yet) the density are the most striking features about your poetry. One can either read and just enjoy your poems or one can brood over it and derive something out of it. Keep up the good work, Asma. Best Wishes, Reuben.
Kunal Kunal 08 Nov 2006 12:54
You are a brilliant poet. Please keep it up. Thanks Kunal