• ! ! ! ! ! I Know Him

    I know him
    As the resplendent moon
    Dispelling the darkness of the night
    Drawing me in like a mounting tide... more »

  • ! ! ! ! Delusion Quelled

    Not so long ago, I perceived
    The soft sound of your approaching footsteps
    Closing in from somewhere behind the mist
    But before I could glimpse your silhouette... more »

  • ! ! ! Delusion

    An old, ravenous vulture
    Ominously hovers around
    In the dark wintry sky,
    Waiting for a chance... more »

  • ! ! Magical Bond

    Last night, I sat by my window
    In a meditative mood,
    Gazing at the clouds
    That veiled the starry firmament,... more »

  • ! Apathy

    The sun sets and the darkness proliferates.
    It is not in an instant.
    It slowly shrouds like a pall,
    Thickening, each moment,... more »

  • ** (My First Attempt At Satire)

    A mighty nincompoop
    The presiding deity seated on
    The canonical pedestal
    Sways his scepter... more »

  • *** Soulful Ruminations

    Emotions, images, ideas
    Touch my mind
    Like a plectrum touching
    The strings of a lyre.... more »

  • **** Lament

    Look at me!
    I’m so old
    And tattered and battered;
    Made so by the unceasing... more »

  • ****** Realization (A Story)

    A dying bird
    Once confided in me.
    She bemoaned her terrible fate
    And told me how it came to be.... more »

  • A Leper

    What a bright day!
    After too long,
    It has been this way.... more »

  • A Sudden Storm

    The blinding light
    Of the brightest ever sun
    Suddenly shrouded
    By a thick pall of impenetrable darkness.... more »

  • Arid Inscape

    My eloquence gets condensed
    Into a sterile teardropp
    At the mere premonition
    Of half a moment... more »

  • Beach (A Tanka)

    Pebbles on the beach
    Pierce through our heels as we walk
    A mild price to pay
    For the damage we subject... more »

  • Blank

    The cursor blinking
    On a blank page,
    As blank as
    My blank mind.... more »

  • Desire

    I am a well.
    Confined by a wall;
    Restricted by a boundary;
    Stagnated by it all.... more »

  • Dwindling Faith

    The deep cracks in the parched earth
    Inflicted by the harsh rays of the sun
    Lift their gaze on empty skies above
    In hope of the heavenly flicker... more »

  • Happiness (A Tanka)

    Sometimes it flutters
    Gaily round my sparkling smiles
    Like a butterfly;
    Sometimes it glides in the air... more »

  • I Am Built That Way

    I am built that way—
    No alterations can be made.

    Everyone says—... more »

  • I Want To Be A Nobody

    There is nothing that I do
    Or nothing that I say
    That people don’t advertise.... more »

  • If Only I Could…

    If only I could
    Go back in time,
    I would relive
    All the happy moments... more »

  • Intoxicated

    The bright blue scarf of the clear sky,
    The dazzling gold of the yellow sun,
    The cold, tickling drops of sweat (on my hot brow)
    Intoxicate me.... more »

  • Is Poet A Lunatic?

    “A poet is a lunatic—
    Beware! ”
    This is what I encounter
    Each day.... more »

  • Let Me Fly

    I was born
    Free to fly high
    And soar into... more »

  • Life: A Temptation

    The ultimate end of life.

    I know... more »

  • Loneliness

    I am afflicted by
    It creates a void
    Bottomless.... more »