• Ambition

    I sit down alone
    Lost in thoughts from past and present
    From who I was and where I was
    To what I am and where I am... more »

  • Communication

    We speak
    We hear
    We move arms and hands
    We change postures... more »

  • Eyes That Speak

    Eyes are our mirror
    People see themselves when they see our eyes
    Many a times though
    People mistakenly believe they are looking through our eyes... more »

  • God's Gift

    God created me
    And gave me life
    Blessed me with a sound body, stable mind, health, money, love
    Children, parents, friends and feelings... more »

  • Living Within

    We all have different layers of our person.
    We open them to public one at a time
    and only as much as is appropriate
    The real person lives inside... more »

  • Not A Day Goes By

    When we do not face new situations
    When our mettle is not tested
    When our understanding is not questioned
    When our relations are not sabotaged... more »

  • Peace

    Peace is the presence of serenity
    Peace is the presence of harmony
    Peace is the presence of order
    Peace is the absence of conflict... more »

  • The Way You Are

    We are who we are
    We are what we are
    We are what we do
    We are what we think... more »

  • The Way You Will Be

    Life presses on
    With a force of its own
    People are carried along
    Like leaves in wind... more »

  • You Are An Enigma

    Since I met you
    And every time I see you
    And the more time I spend with you
    I have more questions than answers... more »