• Everything..

    I had to fall to lose it all,
    I put my trust in you,
    I pushed so hard,
    You're not understanding it! !... more »

  • It Hurts Me

    They hurt me,
    It hurts me,
    When he moved,
    When i talk to him,... more »

  • No Matter What.

    No matter how much I try,
    You still left me,
    But in the end, It doesn't even matter,
    I still had to fall to lose it all,... more »

  • Sister

    My sister often,
    Held my hand,
    When we,
    Were very small,... more »

  • The World I Live In

    The world,
    I live in,
    Its so different,
    From when i was little,... more »

  • This Is True

    Im alone,
    All alone in this world,
    I hate being alone,
    Alone in this empty world,... more »