• Furious...

    I said no.
    Still you looked.
    Now instead, someone gets cooked.... more »

  • He Was Dead!

    (Inspired by SR-71's She Was Dead) ...

    From the moment that I saw him, I believed he was the best
    Didn't listen to my warnings, he was staring at my chest... more »

  • In My Head...

    In my head...you really do love me
    In my head...it's not as ugly
    In my head...the world's not falling apart
    In my head...I'll come home someday... more »

  • Lying Crying

    Lying crying in my bed,
    Almost dying, nearly dead.

    The pain tears me in two,... more »

  • Not Long Now...

    Just two more days until
    It's all said
    Finished, carved and
    Pathway's end.... more »

  • What Was That 'Cracking' Sound?

    I don't care that my best friend skipped without me.
    I don't care that her foster brother's violating her totally.
    I don't care that my brother's a liar.
    I don't care that my father may actually be dying.... more »