• Led Astray

    Do you think I enjoy this? Do you think its a game?
    I cant even see straight, I dont want to play.
    I quit, im through, you win, apparently I cant keep up.
    Im tired and alone, lost in my own thought... more »

  • Lies

    What do you want to hear my friend? Do you want me to tell you everything will be ok?
    that the child growing inside of you will be fine, and that your boyfriend will stay?
    What would you like to hear... that your making the right choice, do you need someone to justify your selfish voice?
    You are my friend and I see you through tinted glass, but this my friend is something I cant look past.... more »

  • Sweet Thing

    As you sleep you look so innocent, you look like such a sweet thing.
    You tempt me with your softened features, your slow even breath.
    I can almost not remember the cruel words that stung me so.
    They are creeping into the back of my mind.... more »