• A Brilliant Bond

    It isn't often that I take the chance
    And dare my heart to bare,
    To ask someone, if perchance,
    They would possibly care,... more »

  • A Chance

    A comment
    A moment
    A spark which is soon unchangeable
    Part of the past... more »

  • A Journey

    Every Journey has a beginning,
    Has a goal.
    A goal that is changed and reformed along the way.
    We get lost on our Journeys,... more »

  • A Pilgrimage

    Note: This poem is entirely a work of fiction.

    Each year, on the 8th of June
    I hum the same familiar tune... more »

  • A True Friend

    Someone who cares when you're up
    Someone who cares when you're down
    Someone who when you mess up
    Will give a smile instead of a frown... more »

  • All The Time In The World

    We think we have all the time in the world
    To play out silly games
    We think we have all the time in the world
    So we stray to selfish aims... more »

  • Confusion

    I am what I am because I am, Right?

    Or is it because of what I have done? Confusion
    The impact I have made?... more »

  • Dance, Dance

    Dance, Dance
    To the music
    Dance, Dance
    To the beat... more »

  • Flying Sight

    To sleep upon the eagle's wings,
    And dream of flying high.
    To soar beyond all mundane things;
    Make real the longing sigh.... more »

  • For You

    This is for you
    Yes you, over there,
    You, the one who’s brushing her hair
    And you on the street... more »

  • Free And Perfect

    What does it mean to be free
    For in reality
    We all serve something or someone... more »

  • Gifted

    Have you ever raced against
    Someone so much speedier
    That the difference between you two
    Was between glacier and meteor... more »

  • Haunting Face

    It's a very narrow window
    That entrance between realms
    Perhaps two yards, or even less,
    And yet, it overwhelms... more »

  • Honorable Journalist

    The writer who'd fought many a war
    Finally put down his pen
    He stretched, feeling overly sore
    Knew he'd never fight again... more »

  • I Lived

    Train me to think
    Then I will wonder
    Train me to wonder
    Then I will blunder... more »

  • I Stand

    I stand on a past,
    A past that's quite filled
    Filled with lies
    Filled with truth... more »

  • If There Be A Soul Here Let Them Stand

    If there be a soul here let them stand
    For I have a dream tall and grand
    One day this earth shall be filled with light
    No one will see another in plight... more »

  • In Time

    Spinning slow or spinning fast,
    Depending on your vantage point,
    The earth revolves and evolves
    Whirling through fragments... more »

  • Masks

    What masks we wear,
    What feelings and words
    We suppress; and why?
    Because they are too deep,... more »

  • On The Edge

    Barely daring to breathe
    Standing on the edge
    Arms spread wide
    Eyes to the sky... more »

  • Paper Is Beauty

    Paper is beauty
    If you look with
    Your heart
    Your mind... more »

  • Pause

    Take a second to look up
    At that blue blue sky
    Soak in the sun's rays
    Take a deep breath and sigh... more »

  • Procrastinator's Dilemma

    I will, I won't,
    I do, I don't
    I can't make up my mind
    I am, I'm not,... more »

  • Prove It

    If you're right and I'm wrong
    Prove it!
    Show me my errors and misconceptions
    Through fact and example... more »

  • Quite Like You

    I have seen so many people
    They pass by without a glance
    The few that do take notice
    Could do so by chance... more »