Nothing more than one take ramblings and raw thoughts.
I rarely will rewrite anything, just let it fall out and maybe something in there will stick. Maybe some combination of words will generate an idea or lead me somewhere else.

Enjoy writting songs..just for fun. Let the muse come out and play. I don't take myself too seriously...but was told I should honor my songs and prose, poems, what ever they may be...or not.

Anchored at 1500 feet on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Atsar MusePen Poems

Sally Dupre'

Sally Dupre' deserved an apology
For I never learned how to spell
Gunshots still ring in my ears...the smell...oh the smell... more »


Next to to you
The two intertwined into one ball of loneliness
Rolling down the unforseen path that beckons so many
Searching for the edge...or at least a hopefull... more »

The Sounds That Don'T Belong Here

The Sounds that don't belong here
Warning signs of running over and backing up
Doing it all over....again... more »

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