• Abandoned

    Venturing forth wildly exploring wanderlust
    Unfiltered moving vibrations
    Aiming for flesh antennas... more »

  • Milkyway

    She deserves a page of her own
    For she belongs only with the moment
    As not to forget...our pet... more »

  • Past

    I blew her a kiss from a third story stair case
    Turned my head and continued to climb
    She reached for the love as it blew right past her
    Missing her youth…still circling mine... more »

  • Please Wait…your Life Is Loading

    By now you are disconnected as expected
    Long waiting lines unprotected
    A finger taps Codes or calls
    High wire wraps and erodes us all... more »

  • Sally Dupre'

    Sally Dupre' deserved an apology
    For I never learned how to spell
    Gunshots still ring in my ears...the smell...oh the smell... more »

  • Seven Steps

    Seven Steps wandering
    Pushing loneliness into the other direction
    She stands…feather in hand
    “Where are you from? ..you don’t look like you are from there... more »

  • Stall

    Temporary stalling just long enough to land
    Captured in it’s wildest form
    Birth of something hidden or combined
    Like Frankenstein’s wandering ugly looks... more »

  • Stop Tryin' To Save Me!

    Patterened after an ailing..sinking ole' man
    Borrowed upon the stored thoughts
    Linking the years soldered together... more »

  • The Big Rock

    The Big Rock shines
    Hanging from the sky
    Pulling at my thoughts
    Opening my eyes... more »

  • The Sounds That Don'T Belong Here

    The Sounds that don't belong here
    Warning signs of running over and backing up
    Doing it all over....again... more »

  • Words

    Next to me...next to you
    The two intertwined into one ball of loneliness
    Rolling down the unforseen path that beckons so many
    Searching for the edge...or at least a hopefull... more »