• American Boy Lullaby

    American Boy come sleep with me
    Or at least come lay under the stars....boy
    Time has been a good friend to us
    But soon he will leave us wanting... more »

  • And I Will Not Cover Myself

    And I will not cover myself
    As I listen to that which is you
    Of family of pancakes of loves lost
    There is a chill in the air... more »

  • Are Ya' Doin' Alright?

    I see you tryin'
    To make each day a better day
    But the world keeps draggin'
    You down along the way... more »

  • Buried Treasure

    You buried your treasure
    Long before you were born
    As you grew, it grew
    Now it calls to you... more »

  • Drink The Sweet Waters

    While artists, scientists, and madmen tinker with the magical and mystical universe through discovery, inspiration, and creation, the rest of us are wrought with thoughts pounded with time as we vasilate between feelings of pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, and hope and hopelessness.... more »

  • Drunk In Thought

    When I am drunk in thought of you
    The air is velvety red with your scent
    Embers burnish a stain on my heart
    Essence of you seeps to my platelets... more »

  • Empty Basin

    When the basin of the mind is still
    All soup spilled out
    Is there value in that?... more »

  • Go Home Sister Snow

    Snowy little girl with your eyes ice blue
    you say a southern belle took your man
    And your pride too... more »

  • Greens In The Kettle Gal

    Don't come 'round here
    In that Ferrari
    No baby don't you dare
    Want folks to look at only you... more »

  • Hips Sway

    Not the harsh sunshine
    Cast soft dusk ambers instead
    Brow furroughs not be shown
    Let only clarity be read... more »

  • I Do Not Know

    I do not know who I am
    I do not know why I'm here
    I do not know why I do what I do
    or who I am or why I'm here... more »

  • I'M Gone

    I'm Gone
    So don't look for me here or there
    I'm flyin through the air
    Doves callin' me by name... more »

  • Let The Blood Rush Out

    Midday I lay
    Here in the dark
    Fever rages
    Extinguish no... more »

  • Photos Of The Mind

    What's never been recorded
    In the history of time
    Are the moments of pure joy
    Kept as photos of the mind... more »

  • Sands Sift Between My Toes

    If Fairy Dust could be sprinkled
    Across the sands of time
    It would undo all the harms I've done
    To you and... more »

  • She Doesn'T Want

    Well, she doesn't want
    What he's got anymore
    She packed up her stuff
    And walked right out the door... more »

  • She Would Stand

    Walkin' down life's little path
    Brush and breeze along the way
    She didn't notice the years go past
    As she lived her life with grace... more »

  • Sneed Powerful Woman

    Sneed is a powerful woman
    Cuz more love her
    Than she loves back... more »

  • Spoon Of Life

    Let the spoon of life sit gently on my hand.
    Show me the proper hold.... more »

  • The Horses Are Coming

    Lynette was a beautiful baby
    A true joy to her ma and pa
    Free from original sin she was
    The whole family was in awe... more »

  • These Tears In My Eyes

    These tears in my eyes
    Create the sparkle
    On waters from sun drenched skies
    Give way to a miarage of white birds... more »

  • Those Among You

    Oh land of poverty
    There are those among you
    Sent for your healing
    Do not shut their mouths... more »

  • Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Oh brothers and sisters of the war against humans of all kind heed you not your Lord's commandment "Thou shalt not kill? "

    Best of course you do for it is this teaching that creates the belief that in so doing you make your demand abundantly clear.... more »

  • Touched You Today

    I reached out and touched you today
    Could've been led astray
    With all the troubles on my brain... more »

  • Wants It All

    I walk into a club
    All the boys heads spin 'round
    Their tongues start hangin'
    As they look me up and down... more »