Scattered feathers have a tale to tell.
my pet dove
The lesson of gardening is that you have to bloom out of the muck in which you have been shoved.
A positive attitude is a burning match-stick to a pile of negatives.
The spires of churches, the minarets of mosques, the pinnacles of temples, the turrets of pagodas which are centers of spiritual leaders, mentors and guides have been overshadowed by high-rise condominiums which are havens nay, heavens of godmen. Does it not hurt God to see incarnates replaced by godmen, subsequently some of whom have been alleged scandalous? No one should dare to play God.
To a misled society
The gratitude of dumb creatures might not be verbal but it definitely uplifts the soul for having done something for someone, bird or beast.
Stop cruelty to animals.
We were born different. We grow different. Enjoy diversity because all of us have blood, all of share the same earth, the same air, the same water. Who are you to discriminate? Stop discrimination with steadfast determination.
After facing odds in life, evens are cherished better. When you are in light, further illumination cannot be cherished in the manner you are excited when light returns after a black out.
Neutrality in all situations.
Make compassion your passion and see the difference you can make in the life of others and how it boomerangs on you.
Good deeds
True love mellows and untrue love yellows.
In a heartless world your family is the only heart that beats for you.