• Battle Cry Hymn

    When winter fell across the plain.
    And silence stalked the midnight air.
    The chilled wind shook the crop and grain.
    The Dogwood trees were bare.... more »

  • For The Love Of Mary: Ch.1

    Lucy wasn't much to look at, or so that's what she thought,
    nothing but an old maid.
    Oh sure she'd added a few more rings to her flesh,... more »

  • Lady Fair With Primrose-Eyes

    Lady fair, with primrose-eyes,
    Upon your bosom teardrops lie,
    Your faint complexion stirred with red,
    Your gilded-curls lay limp and dead,... more »

  • One Magic Night

    As the city slumbered beneath the moon-lit sky.
    Not a breath of winter air, a single stir or sigh.
    The meadows and the vallies blanketed in white.
    The holly blossoms nestle to brace for winter's night.... more »

  • One Magic Night, Part 2

    I stirred from sleeping, dazed, having suffered quite the fall,
    -and through my plight devoid of light I couldn't see at all.
    The black abyss that swallowed me, produced an eerie feeling,
    -I tried to push up off the ground but my head was reeling.... more »

  • The Bird

    Give me the life of the bird.
    Swallowed in crimson clouds,
    And scarlet shrouds.
    Breathless, weightless not a sound to be heard.... more »