• 1-5-09

    Driving my car, just cruising, as my heart scars and starts bruising.
    Every time I blink, I see your face, then about you I think, and
    My heart begins to race.
    Such impact, a heavy force, praying we don’t lose contact, feeling... more »

  • 6-22-09

    The whirl wind begins, my eyes won't close to blink, falling deeper again, while my mind continues to think.
    Is this even real? He's back but not so much, could i make myself deal, when i hunger for his touch.
    But is that all this is? an attraction laced with lust? or is it that happy ending bliss, that i made myself bellieve is a must.
    I can't even begin to figure this out, he is who i was meant to be, my mind is filled with doubt, as i try so hard to see.... more »

  • 7-28-10

    Sadness licks at the edges of my brain, your words flow throughout my veins, bringing to my face the color of shame, making me wonder if this love, to you, is just a game.
    Before we came together again, my love for you ran like a wildfire, now that I’m here with you, within, to leave is sometimes a knowing desire.
    Because the way you treat me, is sometimes unfair, and when confronted, anger rises and hurtful words you dare.
    I do so much, and you just don’t care, you take away, and at nothing I stare. Can’t believe what I’m saying, you’re the love of my life, to God I’ve been praying, to make us connect, so that one day you’ll make me your wife.... more »

  • 8-2-09

    ... more »

  • 8-23-09

    ... more »

  • A Perfect Dream

    A perfect dream,
    in the darkest of nights,
    no fainted screams,
    everything so right.... more »

  • Awake

    When your awake, and find that nothing is there,
    That you knew this day would come, but yet you have nothing to fear.
    You've adapted so well, to the curves life throws,
    An inevitable hell, as the realization grows.... more »

  • Babee

    babee i want you to take me away, because with you i want to stay,
    forever entangled in you and where on your bed we always lay, not... more »

  • Blade

    These evil thoughts thread in and out,
    I know i won't get over you,... more »

  • Cannot Deal

    I'm sittin here rocking back and forth, to me you dont know how much
    your worth. cant you just see, that all i need is you here with me.

    i know there is no possible way, i know this, i want you to stay, and to feel you... more »

  • Chances

    ... more »

  • Come To Be

    My heart is hurting me so bad, i've lost a friend to pills, i'm overcome
    with this feelings of sad, as i know, maybe soon, her loving heart will... more »

  • Damn

    wordless thoughts, memories scrawled thru out my mind, feelings so

    distraught, as i slowly unwind, with nothing more to do with my time. for... more »

  • Dearest Lover Of Mine

    Dearest lover of mine
    In gonna take a bunch of cheesy love quotes and turn them into a rhyme.
    I love you to the moon and back,
    With you there is nothing in the world I lack.... more »

  • Desperately Hollow

    My pain drips, like a broken faucet, my heart rips, and i know ive lost it.
    I can feel the dark shadow of past and present, it is waiting to... more »

  • Dismay

    A neat row of 5 cuts cloud my arm, deep dark red, set off the alarm, not

    hearing the yelling dont care what u've said. leave me alone, dont ask... more »

  • Dropped

    This cold settles over my soul, i swear its not my fault, i'm losing control,
    no more will i say a word, i'll bottle everything inside a mental vault. i'm... more »

  • Elliot To Me

    i see her face and her eyes so blue,
    i can hear her innocent voice telling me, 'I love you.'... more »

  • Excuses

    im relly sick of this life im livin, stressed out by confrontations im givin,

    when i do nothing wrong, keep feelin like i cant be strong and thinkin... more »

  • Fake

    I see your face, it looks grey and grave, you smile in fake white lace, to
    my heart sadness you gave. I walk down these worn tracks, that trains... more »

  • Fall Into Sleep

    ... more »

  • Finally Free

    Will the chains finally be gona dn set me free?
    Form the thigns I would not let myself feel
    the things I no longer could see.
    Butterflies in my stomache smiles on my face,... more »

  • Forevermore

    A million thoughts, crowd in mind, always wondering, if I’m letting
    Myself be blind.

    Confusing reality with a made up illusion,... more »

  • Hallway Of Doors

    I'm just sitting here staring at the wall, thru myself i blindly crawl. i float

    past every memory every dream, i open one door inside i scream. I... more »

  • He

    He's easy on the eyes, but when he looks at me, i shake all over inside.
    He's got the sexiest lips, and when he kisses me, its the sweetest thing that's my heart doing filps.
    He's got the strongest arms, when we embrace each other, it's like the world slows down, and i feel absolutely safe from harm.
    I love him so much its unreal, the love we share i want to forever feel, its like the best feeling in the whole entire world,... more »