Aufie Zophy 18 October 1964

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fighting for religion is like bulldozing your garden because someone stole a flower
religion, garden
A man sitting in the seat in front of me was reading the paper absorbing all negativity missing the absolute beauty of reality
reality beauty
Imagine a man, born with a heart full of kindness but it is hidden under a mountain of greed He has something within of more worth than all gold on earth, but he is not rich

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A great Poet with inexhaustible natural ink who writes from the heart.
Of four hundred odd poems AZ has written, I have read many and found most of them, if I say are eminently readable, it is not enough, many of them I enjoyed thoroughly. I wish him well.
again, PH is not making it possible/easy to send 'Aufie' a message. but here i can say....for all to read: i highly recommend this poet, from what i've read so far. to my favorite poet list and to my Friends list he goes! ! ....once i find where to tell PH to add him to my Friends! ! : ( PH is free, free, FREE! ! ! I MUST always remind myself that this is a free, though, more recently, an aggravating site in places. ha ha. FREE! BRI :)
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