• A Nice Day I Guess

    Take me there
    Take the time
    Sun dail right
    make my day... more »

  • At The Edge

    I hate control from others
    Hate that life is chained to everyone
    Hate that theres nothing i can do
    Hate there is a quicksand under my feet... more »

  • Down The Road

    Walking down beneath the sun
    Walking, theres no time to stop
    Day and night walking on
    walk, walking and walking on... more »

  • Dreading

    Faith, i do not come to soon
    nor abiding with the rules of doom
    trotting away from burdened life of thought
    tickling and fighting mostly sobbing more... more »

  • Drizzle Drizzle, Moody Rain

    raking and aching my stomach is freaking bad
    the sun don't care the heat is in reign
    catch the cold air dying, simply aggravating
    kick back look back a kick to the back... more »

  • Eager To Be On The Run

    Nothing to stand against the sun
    dry and high the wind blows down south
    going up north, in a train, followed by the day of the fourth
    from when one runs away form self... more »

  • Gleaming Towards Something

    standing when you are sitting is wrong
    walking when your running is giving up
    talking when you are silent is saddening
    inhaling and exhaling is breathing life... more »

  • Grasping Being Bittersweet

    To me, the wind blows, that is life
    To me, the cold air gives greif or comfort
    and the warm speandour, and ease
    the nothingness of nothingness is nothing... more »

  • Her Little Doll

    Very real, very cautious, very pretty
    Mostly played with, Mostly kissed, Mostly outdone
    That little girls doll, she loves very much
    Oh so very much, hugging her tight... more »

  • Inspiration By Mishell San Juan

    ... more »

  • People

    Muscle bound
    Unequal quantity
    Large mass
    Colony overrun... more »

  • Reality Dreaming

    Aged and Dying
    growing old but already dead
    walking, but instead in bed
    dreaming of flying... more »

  • The Little Hymn

    listen to the little one sing
    he hums gently until the trees sing
    close your eyes no need to turn back
    walk towards the sounds of inoccent voices... more »

  • Wish

    Wish the wishful thinking
    Bring out the unhappy thoughts
    Break the ice that is breaking
    To be free of any troubles fought... more »