• Amazing What She Can Do To You

    Hurtin' on the inside
    Thing I'll never show
    Take a drink man
    Chill now and sip it slow... more »

  • Bliss

    Everytime you make me smile
    Just a part of me starts to tune
    Your words make me just go wild... more »

  • Cant Wait Forever

    If I need you
    Then I need you now

    Everyday you walk away... more »

  • Cry No More(You Say)

    You say
    You live in perpetual sorrow
    You say
    There is only pain in tomorrow... more »

  • Curse Of Cleveland

    Land of Lake Erie
    And lack of championships
    Empty... more »

  • D-A-M-N-I-T

    Decisions are harder than one would think
    Admitting how you think it should feel
    Making the right choice between two
    Never coming to a proper conclusion... more »

  • Death In April

    If April came
    But winter never left
    No flowers to bloom
    Just covered in a morning frost... more »

  • Delusional Dreamer

    I want you to wake me up
    Please keep me from dreaming
    I want you to see me at my worst
    So you can hear me screaming... more »

  • Destroying You

    When I stand idly by
    Watch your eyes go cold
    Seeing you quiver and watch you die
    This feels so right in my mind... more »

  • Divorced With Wine

    25 years of wasted life
    Being 'happily married' was in decline
    They say broken hearts end with time
    I know everything will be just fine... more »

  • Du'A Khalil Aswad

    All I can say is sorry
    Love is never punishable by death
    No mater whom, what, or where... more »

  • Falltime Heroes, Wins In Need

    Those men in clad orange apparel
    Every Sunday to play a game
    These men aren’t the best
    Yet they try despite... more »

  • I Can'T Explain It

    ... more »

  • I Finally See The World

    As I open up my mind
    I finally see the world
    Through your eyes... more »

  • I Sit At The Bar

    Sunday again and im at the club
    Windows fog like a night of passion
    Bodies dancin' and a grindin'
    People having fun, girls on poles... more »

  • Illness

    I feel like I'm nowhere
    Yet I know I am here
    With just a phrase from my brain
    Paper, pencil, and a sense of pain... more »

  • Lost

    Sometimes here and now
    Thing that live are ones in doubt
    Nothing to say nor hear
    So ignorant, so lost, so-... more »

  • My Biggest Mistake

    I cant just cant let you walk away
    I know if I do it will be-the biggest mistake
    All I want for you is to turn around
    Just to see your face... more »

  • Native Man Native Man

    I feel a storm coming
    My elbow is twitchin'
    Native man dance to summon
    See the clouds darken form... more »

  • Not Sure Of Anything

    Everytime I walk alone
    I find myself gazzing unto nothing
    That feeling never fades to ease
    Something I dont see is gazzing back... more »

  • Pressure

    Carelessly the pressure speaks,
    Nothing at all to cherish me
    Results without praise... more »

  • Revolution Beings Now

    Whats goin on now
    Whats goin on inside and out;
    Of our world but around us
    World War 3 is on the cusp,... more »

  • She Isn'T So Bad

    She puts me six feet under
    Chills down my spine and raised hair on my neck
    Her appeal is one to wonder
    I imagine the feeling of her head resting on my chest... more »

  • She Once Asked For The Moon, So I Gave That And The Stars (A Tragic Love Epic)

    Evidently, you have me speaking of L-O-V-E so eloquently
    Presently, and pressingly, something about her something so heavenly
    Yet incredibly
    I distrust, selfishly because something so great will leave me feeling helplessly... more »

  • Space Cadet Dreamer

    An odyssey she took
    To the moon she went
    Her brain off like a spaceship... more »