Augustine Evans Poems

My Love

You are one of a kind.
An angel that no god would bind.
A treasure that every man seeks to find.
A pleasurable thought to man's mind.... more »

In Love Forever

We will be together forever oohh my love.
For you are the reason why I live.
Again and again you give me
the unfailing strength to breath.... more »

Day Over Night.

Better is the sorrow faced during the day
For that which I face during the night is bitter.
Better are the noises of the day,
for during the night, my pain is louder.... more »

Augustine Evans Quotes

I am not limited to the boundaries that people have set, the only things i know how to break are records.
never be looked down upon
I know the devil is wise and cunning but through Christ, I am wiser and discerning.
christian faith

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