• A Dream

    A dream captured within your mind upon awakening
    rarely to be brought up again
    is a dream that we wish to finish and may never will
    A dream while still asleep so beautiful to try and keep... more »

  • Always With Me

    Night or day
    Light or dark
    never alone
    we never part... more »

  • Building

    A brick to start it all
    a wall to shroud it
    a few more to surround it
    a castle to protect it... more »

  • But She

    ... more »

  • Confusion

    A blur
    A headache
    annoying it is especially in case of love
    it is confusion and it has consumed and overwhelmed me... more »

  • Crushed And Alone

    Crushed and Alone in this world

    Falling reaching for your hand... more »

  • Death

    Death is dark
    Death is grim
    it is something almost everybody fears
    not me i just wish it were here... more »

  • Dreams And Life

    Dreams come and go
    Dreams pass by like life
    Dreams are of many different things
    one being love... more »

  • Empty

    ... more »

  • Forever In My Thoughts

    In and out of my dreams always in my thoughts
    I am thinking of someone forever and always
    She is in my heart held there tight with love
    My body, mind, and spirit, long to hold her... more »

  • Heart Soul And Mind

    you have vandalized my heart
    raped my soul
    and tortured my mind... more »

  • Hope Is A Waking Dream

    ... more »

  • Inside Me

    Inside me its dark come take a look
    you will see there is nothing there
    even the walls are all bare and blank
    the room is completely empty... more »

  • May

    May is good but it gets worse
    this year and last
    I just wish may never came
    it is good for it holds my birthday... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

    Once upon a time I stood with arms wide open
    now i sit curled up in a corner
    crying over what you have done
    you shattered my glass heart... more »

  • Pain From A Hurt Heart

    Pain from a hurt heart
    Love from the same hurt heart
    Pain of a screaming soul
    Love unconditional... more »

  • Shell

    ... more »

  • Standing Strong

    Though darkness may toss and evil shall tempt

    I shall stand my ground and let none push me round... more »

  • Tired And Lost

    Tired and lost
    Agitated and confused
    Upset and finished
    I am finished with you... more »

  • Walk

    Though i walk
    Through darkness and evil
    I shall not fear
    I shall stand... more »

  • When I Die

    When I die
    I want to fly
    soaring high
    above the trees... more »

  • Your Fault Not Mine

    ... more »