Aumreetam Dinabandhu Biography

Aumreetam Dinabandhu, being born in Puri district of Odisha, India, now living in the United States with family, in the path of yogic life continuously since childhood nourishing the soul towards its actualization in the path of creativity such as poems, writings, scientific research, music, paintings, philosophy and spirituality.

Writing became as inspiration of joyous life because it radiates higher energy from human vibrations. Though everything is having certain vibrations including humans, everything disappears after a certain time but vibrations remain forever. Thoughts are a form of vibrations. Thoughts can be expressed into words and the words can be interpreted into actions and the actions are the basis of all creations. As a part of this creation, and therefore let's put some words out of thoughts that would be manifested into actions after a certain time and thereby nourish the creation.