• A Hidden Life

    Showing to the world
    A smiling face
    As my eyes proclaim
    A look of grace... more »

  • A Poem For You

    This was written for my choir director, who recently told us he was leaving. I have known him for a very long time, so I wrote him this poem.

    The moment you said
    You were leaving here,... more »

  • An Emo Poem

    Showing to the world
    A smiling face
    As my eyes proclaim
    A look of grace... more »

  • Behind That Band

    Behind those heavy uniforms
    There are normal people that are sweating
    And pushing their bodies to the extreme
    So that the show will go on... more »

  • Clean Your Room

    If you do not have a broom
    You cannot clean your room
    The trash will soon start piling up
    and you will never get a pup... more »

  • Clouds

    I look at the clouds.
    In soft greens in the pasture
    I lay in the grass.... more »

  • Darkened Life

    My life has been darkened
    By the news that has come
    My heart is stopping
    Because of the tragedies... more »

  • Depressed

    My heart broken
    My soul devastated
    I just wonder off
    Alone and hated... more »

  • Dreams

    A beacon of hope
    Is what my dreams are
    For nothing else
    Can take me that far... more »

  • I Want My Old Life Back

    Whatever happened to the simple life
    When I was a child
    I had no worries
    No troubles... more »

  • If Someone Loved Me

    If someone loved me
    They would hold me
    Showing to me that
    He cares about me... more »

  • Life Is...

    I’m so confused in this huge world
    I wish someone would hold out their hand
    And help me along these rugged paths
    That everybody calls life... more »

  • Loneliness

    My light is going out slowly
    My spirit is dropping every day
    Why does everything bad
    Happen at the same time?... more »

  • Love

    Love is something that seems simple
    But it is very complex
    Why do only some people experience it
    While others are made fun of for wanting it... more »

  • Marching Band

    As I raise my instrument
    My mind is racing
    What note do I play first
    Where is my next step... more »

  • Music

    Flowing softly and gently
    Expressing feelings without words
    Constantly changing shapes... more »

  • My Knight In Shining Armor

    My knight in shining armor
    Must have lost his way
    For no one has come for me
    And all my days are gray... more »

  • No One Can Ever See Me Cry

    Shining teardrops on my face
    Never for the world to see
    For if I shed a tear in front of them
    I can never be seen again... more »

  • Nobody Cares About Me

    Everything near my heart
    Has been taken and destroyed
    I have nothing left to hold on to
    For they have taken everything... more »

  • Rules To Live By

    Please just do not swear
    For it makes an angry bear

    If you tell an alibi... more »

  • Strawberry

    This was written as a personification poem for English. It had to be a fruit or vegetable and I chose a strawberry.

    My reddish skin is
    Red as an apple.... more »

  • Untrue Friends

    My friends are my only protection
    Against the cruel world outside my door
    They will always be there
    That is what friends are supposed to do... more »

  • What Happened To Us?

    Friend…that is what you said to me
    On that very day that we met
    We promised we would be best friends forever
    But now you are nowhere to be found... more »

  • Will You Take Care Of Me?

    Will you always be there
    Never to turn your back on me?
    People cannot be there always
    For they do not care... more »