• Afraid

    Lost and confused
    Afraid of commitment
    Well I have three words for her
    I Love You... more »

  • Come Back

    We were together and happy.
    But she changed I could not make her happy.
    So she ended it.
    I would have changed for her.... more »

  • Friendless

    Friends less and forgotten
    Used and abused
    Not a glance at school
    Not a passing look... more »

  • Love Forever

    Blue eyes as big as the ocean
    Teeth white as pearls
    A face like an angel
    The body every girl wants... more »

  • Would Anybody Care?

    Who cares? Who cares?
    If I left and never came back who would care?
    Would her or him even care?
    If i had never met your would it change your life?... more »