I am 18. I graduated from Newnan High School. I have had countless relationships and every one is different but yet they are all the same. I have experienced alot, been through alot, and seen alot in my life and writting seems to be the only way that i can express my self. People have problems every day and we learn to get through them and i belive that that is what makes us who we are today. I only hope that my poems help those that find them selves in the same situation, and shows them that they are not alone.

......I know i cant spell =/ sorry lol...........


Autumn Keele Poems


You cry and say that you don't know me,
but the 'real me' you choose not to see.
all you see is what you want me to be, but again, all you see is what you wanna belive.... more »

If Only I Had Known..../3

If I had known that that was my last chance to kiss you...I never would of turned away.

If I had known that that was my last chance to hold your hand...I would of never let go.... more »

Short Vacation

Riding in your truck.
you were by my side,
and as every sign and car passed,
the more i realized...... more »

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