• If Only I Had Known..../3

    If I had known that that was my last chance to kiss you...I never would of turned away.

    If I had known that that was my last chance to hold your hand...I would of never let go.... more »

  • In A Perfect World

    I wish I could say that there is not a day that goes by that I dont think of you, but there is...In a perfect world.

    In a perfect world i'd be over you,
    In a perfect world we wouldnt of experienced what we went through.... more »

  • In My Head

    Why do i have to think about you
    after all the bullshit you put me through?
    Your gone, your over it
    I think i am, but its the love we had that i will never forget.... more »

  • Last Time

    I was doing great-hadnt called hadnt text,
    I left you alone because you said it was for the best.
    but you called-I came,
    even in the pouring rain.... more »

  • Mixed Thoughts

    What is it that causes a total break down?
    Is it when you feel so alone even tho there are people all around,
    Or is it when you can't get anything right...
    So you lye lay in bed wondering where you went wrong at night.... more »

  • Mom...

    You cry and say that you don't know me,
    but the 'real me' you choose not to see.
    all you see is what you want me to be, but again, all you see is what you wanna belive.... more »

  • Our Song

    I heard our song tonight
    it was like in a movie when the music kicks in and the scene is just right
    I was just standing there pumping gas
    and the music brought up memories from the past.... more »

  • Short Vacation

    Riding in your truck.
    you were by my side,
    and as every sign and car passed,
    the more i realized...... more »

  • This Bed

    Its hard to lay here.
    Its hard to sleep alone in the bed we once shared together.
    Its hard to lay here and not feel you beside me with your arms around me or mine around you.
    Its hard to turn over and not see you when we've spent countless nights staring into eachothers eyes,... more »

  • Untitled ((Unfinished))

    I wish I was going through it instead of you.
    It was tough for me but still, I got through.
    My life changed from that point on,
    people that I loved were suddenly gone.... more »

  • What If...

    What If i had kissed you one more time...
    What if I had held your hand just a little longer...
    What if I had hugged you tighter...
    What If I had told you that that I LOVED YOU one more time...... more »