i love the rain and i love mac n cheese. no, mac n cheese will not make me fat. i have a fast metabolism.(thanks 4 callin a 13 yr old a real poet tho! : D) dancing hamsters are awesome and so is fred astaire. i love jesus christ and i love my dog.i write poetry but i don't really like to share my poems so you guys are pretty lucky. if you don't like my poems then oh well. don't read them.

lots luv,


Avalin Locke Poems

Starry Night

I'm lying on the soft grass
Staring at the stars
And you are with me
No need for words... more »


The days are winding down to our final farewells
Bittersweet; sour and sweetened
Tears of sorrow will fall down our cheeks
But bright futures will twinkle in our eyes... more »


Tears of mistake fall into your hands
I tell you 'let them go' but you won't know where they land
You shouldn't worry about that anyhow
All you really need to worry about is here right now... more »

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Michael Shepherd 08 Feb 2005 01:05
mac n cheeze will make you fat but i'm awed at where you're at. people may take time to know it but i think you're really a poet