I find it hard to write my own biography.At times, i feel like i am neglecting some important parts of my life's journey. Nevertheless, I want my friends and loved-ones to remember me on my best!

I was born on the 6th of May,1980. Being second among three offsprings of Tatay Andrew and Nanay Rosie, i would definitely say that the past twenty six summers of my life was the best. Being able to share it with my equally beautiful siblings, Ate Cora and Daisy, it was truly wonderful.

And so the moment i have longed to happen has come. I am married to the 'almost perfect' man, Mark Nonato Malveda. We call each other Mahal (Love) since we got engaged six years ago.And now, our life has been completed with this sweet little angel i have given birth to last February 25,2006. My first born baby, Malka Paulene Calimpon Malveda.

For now, i am seriously undertaking the hardest yet the most noble job in the world. Being a mother. And having to work while looking after to my daughter makes it a big challenge to me.However i know that it wouldn't be that hard for someone like me, whose thinking of the welfare of my newly-built family.


Avic Malveda Poems

Little Maple

The long wait is over;
When I've finally seen,
My precious little baby;
God's special gift for me.... more »

For My Gemphil Friends

I wonder why friends are made?
Are they angels that are heaven-sent?
Analyze and you will realized
But friends really come and go.... more »

The Best Partner In The World

I longed to be loved like this
And it's great to be in your arms
With your hands that fits to mine
I can feel the love inside... more »

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