• A Chest Covered In Fruit Salad

    He was a Frenchy covered in Fruit Salad
    Who fought in many Wars
    After Death his existence-
    Will be proven by a pile of fricking bones... more »

  • A.B.C

    Radio Auntie with their silver source
    Like a Lute from an orchestra came
    Run by Arse- Bandits
    They sit in their Studio... more »

  • Abso- Bloody- Lutely

    Heh, get your Five ones Ass,
    Over here Harry, alright, Aunt Fanny
    Your a real Artist--
    For the Booze Harry... more »

  • Aroma

    The Cab rank was quiet
    The night was ice cold
    Then suddenly a figure occured
    Tapping on the cab window... more »

  • Baa, Baa, Wooley Sheep

    Why buy a woolen scarf
    Why not throw a Sheep around your neck
    If people say hello
    Squeeze the Sheep and Baa, Baa, Baa... more »

  • Bitch

    Her eyes shone bright
    Like a reflection of shooting stars
    In a night filled with elves
    With burning eyes... more »

  • Bloody Hell

    The Mirror lied
    All he saw was deception and lies
    So he beat his face on an image
    Till the mirror cracked... more »

  • Bozo

    There behind the counter stood Frank
    Born in the u.s.a
    Frank, the gray Bozo
    Who resided behind the counter... more »

  • Brown Job

    He's a brown job, isn't he! ! !
    It's his khaki uniform
    That makes him seem, so... more »

  • Contrary Mary

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary, 'Mary'-
    Was attacked by a man in her garden
    When he'd done, he said, 'come'-
    On now, have some fun!... more »

  • Deathly Silence

    Deathly silence is the sound of a common pin
    That is dropped on a major road
    Only the deaf will see it
    Only the blind will hear it... more »

  • Dog Spelt Backwards Is God

    Dog Spelt Backwards Is God

    Dog spelt backwards is a canine epiphany... more »

  • Hello Mother

    Remember when you first saw me mummy
    I cried out, hello mummy
    Say hello to your little Mother Fucker... more »

  • I'M Young

    Baby you had better watch out
    Just because i'm young
    Doesnt' mean i wont shoot up-
    the social rung because i'm young... more »

  • Kubla Says

    When young woman look in mirror
    She see a beautiful girl
    When young man look in mirror
    He see lots of moving parts... more »

  • Little Pink Throne Room

    Sitting, sitting, waiting hoping for a miracle
    My only chance for privacy
    Is my little Pink Throne-Room
    My little place for thought... more »

  • Love Sets On A Golden Eve

    Our love lay dorment
    On a bed of lingering leaves
    With them we will die
    People will grieve... more »

  • Mother And Santa

    Mommy why are you in bed with Santa-Clause
    Well Lil Wayne i found him lying in the snow
    All cold and shivering
    And i took him into my bed... more »

  • My Faery Queen

    These Faery lids, wink wink
    Nudge, nudge, say no more
    These lips will pout, then speak
    In the shadows float sweet sounds... more »

  • My Sweet Dream

    Exhaustion came, sleep overpowered me
    The darkness enveloped my shadow
    And like a spark, that cast,
    A beam of light,... more »

  • Neiedlichen Zweck

    Sass Madelien unter den Aestchen
    Und speilt' mit dem Knableinmastchen,
    Dem nielichen Zweck-
    Bald ist der Kranz weg:... more »

  • Psychotic Cabby

    The Young Man had attitude
    I was rooted and stuffed
    He said, i love violence
    I'm just a crazy Fucker... more »

  • Radio Firoze

    while farking one night, indian firoze
    his wifes nipples in his ears stark
    then he had his thumb in her plum,
    he could hear something obscene... more »

  • Soul Mate

    A solitary man, who lived
    Happiness was a cave
    And in that cave
    Was a solitary confinement... more »

  • Suffering Suckertats

    Suffering Suckertats all you teeny Boppers
    Suffer under me your young Guru
    Rise up every morning
    Sometimes life is stiff... more »