• Do Not Fear!

    Face your fear!
    Don't be afraid
    God is there
    He'll go with you ahead... more »

  • If I Could Learn How To Wait

    If I could learn how to wait
    I will learn not to quit
    I will learn not to hate
    I will learn not to faint... more »

  • Mi Adielo

    What a wonderful life could be
    Having this gift and heart set free
    Having this love shared by somebody
    A simple lady yet glamorous in beauty... more »

  • Send Thy Rain

    We offer to thee this mournful day,
    Plead for raindrops beneath the heaven.
    Cure this wounded nature, save from scarcity.
    For thou art the source of all, above and under the heaven... more »

  • 'Soli Deo Gloria'

    I journeyed a hundred miles,
    Just to reach the path of success.
    I voyage from afar,
    Wading across the water,... more »

  • The Big School Of Life

    Life is like an EDUCATION
    It is a continuous learning
    And it tells much representation…... more »

  • The Distant Star

    Tonight I see the stars
    Twinkling, blinking up the sky
    Your color allures my eyes
    I can't get you off my mind... more »

  • Thy Heaven, My Home

    The sacred place I ever long
    A place where no one can be alone
    Clearer as crystals my future will be
    This place where I am destined to be.... more »