Aya Natsume Biography

I was abused until the age of seven, then my parents divorced, I was living in a townhouse in Maryland until I was almost seven just before my parents split, we eventually moved in to a house, the next few days after we had settled in were brutal, everyone was at each other's throats, however my sister Lisa and I never seemed to fight, and we stuck together through the rough times. Eventually the family bond between sisters and our one provider and caretaker, our father, began to grow stronger. little did we know that our father would remarry, to a wonderful woman who had her ups and her downs, but who doesn't? and the two are still married to this day, my sister however, got married and moved away from our lovely home in Northern Virginia. she now lives in North Carolina with her husband James. Now if you believe that this story is truly this happy you are mistaken. I have omitted the parts of myself being sent away to a residential facility, I was sent away for severe depression, as well as suicidal thoughts, but every great poet has something they have overcome or put behind them, or still have burning fresh inside them, whether it be alcoholism, or some thing as plain as being discriminated against for being a woman. it goes on forever the list of what every poet has, Aya Natsume, is my assumed name, just as many women had assumed male names back in the day, Aya is my way of saying this is the new me, i have concord all obstacles and faced all odds and yet i still came out on top!