• A Missing Chapter

    Your deceiving eyes led me wrong,
    and now I am where I should not belong.
    Our eyes are passages to our souls they say,
    every once a while we let ourselves stray.... more »

  • A Some One Just For Me

    I cant see you but I hope your there
    I cant feel you but im sure you care
    if your watching over me from above
    then you know how much I need your love... more »

  • Abandoned Heart

    I haven’t been to my heart since you were last there
    I haveng found the courage to since I had lost your care

    But now its time to go back as its been too long... more »

  • Angels Belong To The Skies

    I am not an angel and I never claimed to be one
    I look for shelter in the rain and I burn in the sun

    It is not a hard equation, it is time for you to decide... more »

  • Arabian Sacrifice

    Melting yellow sun
    pale surviving camels
    no where or way to run
    deserts full of symbols and temples... more »

  • Behind Invisible Bars

    Take me everything is becoming stronger than me…
    Take me before they find out or they’ll destroy me…

    Take me to a place were id be able to surrender…... more »

  • Believe Me When I Say

    fly fly, in love with me
    cry, tears and I will set you free

    wish, and ill make it come true... more »

  • Blood, Guns And Crows

    I can see him running through the hall
    I can hear him shout and I can hear him call
    I can see him rise and I can see him fall
    I can see him fly and I can see him crawl... more »

  • Broken Pattern

    We had never found ourselves here before; we never needed to walk out the door. The slamming door is followed by the silence of the night,
    But in my mind still exists the loudness of the scary fight.

    I let myself fall for you, knowing it could not be, an end before the start, You knew it too, but never prevented me, a classic story of a broken heart.... more »

  • Buried Rose

    Love is like a red dark rose
    at the beginning it blossoms and grows
    day after day something goes wrong
    no matter how much that rose seems strong... more »

  • By Love We Dare

    Let us have fun
    time waits for no one

    let us revolve around every galaxy... more »

  • Call Her Emotionally Paralyzed

    Look into her eyes you will find a map leading to her pain
    listen to her voice you will hear the hidden guilt driving her insane

    you can ask her what is wrong? But I doubt that she will answer... more »

  • Could It Be Cold Out There?

    Crystals of snow sparkles of fire
    spent with a person I most desire

    stars that glow like valentine candle lights... more »

  • Craving Your Sight

    I gently close my eyes its darkness I see
    I try to search for you in every memory

    I feel your fingers all over my hair... more »

  • Definition Of Happiness

    ITS A place we have all been to:

    a place were difficulties are forgotten
    were only joyful events are certain... more »

  • Destiney's Desire

    I love you so much that I cant even believe
    it hurts if I think and when I breath
    I’ve seen you touched you once in my dreams
    I’ve shouted your name but you haven’t returned my screams... more »

  • Every Time I Get Over You

    I tell myself that i can resist
    I tell myself that i can forget
    I tell myself that you dont exist
    I tell myself that we have never met... more »

  • For The Sake Of Our Memories

    Don't be deceived by the strength you see in my eyes
    or by the perfection you witness in my stance
    for when you leave they just rain on me with the skies
    while my defeated knees collapse in a glance... more »

  • Funny In A Way

    I have waited most of my life
    waiting for mister right to arrive
    when he was already here... more »

  • Good Bye Less

    I can feel you climbing out of bed gently, yet I awake
    I can feel you leaving but I cant stop you so I sleep and fake

    I can hear your soft footsteps as silently you sneaked... more »

  • Healing Friendship

    When the night has come
    when the sun has gone

    when the rippling river stops... more »

  • I Am Coming Home

    Take my hand
    and I will close my eyes
    guide me home
    and as a child... more »

  • I Guess We Had Different Plans

    You told me it had to end now
    you ignored explaining how

    you told me nothing will be strange... more »

  • I'M To Blame

    I am sorry i could never give you what you needed
    I am sorry that i was just never enough
    I am sorry i just never succeeded
    I am sorry i made life tough... more »

  • It Is He...

    It is he I love to death
    it is he who steels my breath

    it is he who attacks my dreams... more »