• A Renewed Life

    Anger seeps through your veins
    And sorrow fills your eyes
    Hope slowly begins to fade
    Like a criminal's mind.... more »

  • I Saw The Sun In The Midst Of Night

    I saw the sun in the midst of night
    Gentle, and evening clear
    Reverse the waters where they flow
    Take up our quarrel with the foe.... more »

  • Memories Of A Fallen Solider

    As twilight emerges
    From the brink of dawn
    I sit here so silent
    Humming an old war song.... more »

  • Wolves

    I see the wolves running on the path through the dark moonless night.
    Their silver fur blowing in the wind.
    I feel their fur as they walk by me at sunset.
    I hear them howling to each other or warning of danger.... more »