• A Park In Paris

    Grey skies, grey water
    in canals.
    Bare branches turning
    the barest of green... more »

  • A Quiet Mind

    Lift up the cover and look
    at the things scattering,
    hidden, secret things;
    the way insects... more »

  • After The Fourth, Nothing Really Happens.

    Boredom sets in only if you let it,
    when you watch a robin trot by
    and realize just how dumb a state bird it really is,
    but the maples are yellow in the light,... more »

  • An Introvert's Hell

    The dark door is outlined,
    a pinprick in the center,
    & voices in the hall-
    above and arround and outside,... more »

  • Blighted

    Push your hand in,
    to feel the soft spot
    white at the edges,
    mold in the damp... more »

  • Break Loose

    I am stuck in a daily circle,
    a routine that limits my
    energy since I am a part of
    a cycle conforming to... more »

  • Cerulean Blue

    With one finger
    I paint a
    Cerulean blue streak... more »

  • Conventions

    The conversation always begins with
    a question, sometimes asking what
    happened to it, whatever changed?
    But the frustration was to great... more »

  • Did You Catch It?

    Abstractions of me,
    a view from every
    possible angle will
    reveal more than... more »

  • Ecology


    The sun has brought
    the temperature up to... more »

  • Extraction

    Nails extended-
    I scratch behind my ear
    until it bleeds-
    blurred arc of a foot,... more »

  • Farm Sketch

    Driving in the farmland
    that silo belongs in
    Piza- I hear they
    have a thing for... more »

  • Feel It, Believe It

    I pause, each time one brushes by,
    determining the force of the message,
    processing sometimes obscure meanings that
    may alter the entire course of events,... more »

  • G.R.

    In Calder's city
    you test yourself by
    parallel parking on Lyon Hill,
    which bisects the old homes... more »

  • Highway Poem

    Out the window the stars stay
    fixed in place, headlights
    passing underneath-... more »

  • I Been Down So Long

    The russack is not for sale,
    holy holy holy rabbit's feet,
    Feta cheese and lamb,
    Gnossos is an anarchist,... more »

  • Insects

    Japanese beetle lace
    hangs as delecately
    as moth-eaten curtains
    shrouding the field... more »

  • Masses

    Low buzzing
    car and voice
    pollution of space
    anonymous... more »

  • Movement

    With trains, it's never
    just a one time gig. True,
    we press-on memories and display forward-thinking
    movements, but really, this just... more »

  • Nukes

    One hundred years from now,
    we will probably all be ash
    drifting across the landscape.... more »

  • Paths

    Pick up on the thread,
    follow it from end to end,
    leading in to a wild place... more »

  • Phobia?

    I'm not sure if this is in my head, but-
    today a man talked to me
    in rehearsed tones;
    legs as thin as the cigarette... more »

  • Poem On Anger

    I shake a fist in defiance
    of anything stood for

    anything false,... more »

  • Radio

    With a flick of a switch
    I discovered the entire
    world had jumped without me.... more »

  • Reconstruction

    Broken soul glass
    works the shards in deep
    a guarded heart forgets
    how to beat in the... more »