• An Unreasonable Request


    Sometimes you are funny but your laughter is weak... more »

  • Blue Bird

    I have been touched by the blue bird
    Invaded with a dark kiss
    Poisoned with the hope of confusion
    Destroyed from the memory of bliss... more »

  • Epilogue To Him

    I feel like tears that have forgotten to cry
    Words that have forgotten to speak
    The desert wind searching for rain
    Joy when it discovers pain... more »

  • I Cry

    The tears of a generation are shed
    through the echo's of life
    When we look to the skies to
    take our refuge in hope... more »

  • I Never Really Liked Butterflies

    I never really liked butterflies

    Since my soul was once horrified... more »

  • I Saw A Butterfly

    I saw a butterfly
    I saw him well
    The tears were in his eyes
    They burned like hell... more »

  • I Saw An Angel

    I saw an angel
    the day he rose up with eagle's wings
    Softer than a dove
    did he promise to keep me warm... more »

  • Imagine

    Imagine the world I left behind
    in the colors of what I thought was peace
    How it kept me warm in the whirlwind
    and sheltered my unhappiness... more »

  • My Love

    The other night as I thought of the soul of you
    I could not help being touched by the stars
    As my mind painted spools of our memories
    I became lost in the caresses of the sky... more »

  • The Snake

    Why for the world is this injustice done!
    Why do we hold on to our feeble selves!
    Do we not see this evil device
    that secretly entices us to render our lives... more »

  • Untitled

    I had a dream the other morning
    Morning, because that’s how I dream these days.
    All I could hear were the violent screams
    Screams to wipe the pain away... more »