• Deep Green Eyes

    Deep green eyes
    Haunt me so
    Deep green eyes
    Torture my soul... more »

  • Her Eyes

    She sat there her eyes full of sadness
    Her heart heavy with her sorrow
    She wanted to be free
    To only be her... more »

  • Lonely Wolf

    The moon is lonely, my friend
    No lonely wolf tonight
    You found another place to go
    You left me behind... more »

  • Mirrors Of My Soul

    Flows down from the mountain of pain
    Through the valley of despair
    A crimson river to an ocean of blood
    Feeds the trees of agony... more »

  • Standing In Line

    I see him sitting there alone
    Watching as the people come and go... more »

  • Today

    Today you pushed it
    Today you pushed it
    Today I stopped it
    Today I stopped it... more »