• Epitaph

    Vultures play the lyre
    with fevered excitement
    enthralled by the entrails of diseased minds.
    Sepulchral renditions soar,... more »

  • Mirthless Madrigals

    Mirthless madrigals,
    mumblings of murkish minds,
    the Holocaust, watershed of miseries endless.
    Crows on carrion this mindless carnage subsists,... more »

  • Starving Little Pot-Bellies

    Kwashiorkored siblings,
    mmm... starving little pot-bellies.
    Infants no better than sooty soles,
    drowned in an ocean of tears... more »

  • Throes Of Chaos

    Throes of chaos,
    strident sound of doom
    throttling the throng of reason
    to mere muffled throb.... more »

  • Two Nights In One Day

    Black clouds descend the threshold of peace,
    men hastened to sleep by irons of blood
    as seraphic sheeps slaughtered
    in a cascade of crimson-like drips.... more »

  • Wanton Harvest

    Ravished by blighted beings
    on a tempest crest,
    crushed by the heavy hand of grief,
    Nature laments this wanton harvest:... more »