After spending my early childhood in the 'city' with my father in a cushy desk job, I was ripped from my world when daddy decided to move us back to his small hometown in NE Arkansas, where he'd grown up working in his uncle's little grocery store. Uncle was retiring, so daddy decided to take it over, and I spent the next 25-30 years working like a dog for nothing but a scraped living and daddy's favor. Upon his retirement, I became a secretary at the university, and I have had a cushy desk job ever since! (and retirement, too!) .

I am a beginning poet and wrote Thrill Of The Hunt in 2004 while sitting on the deer stand thinking about what I would do when a big buck stepped out of the brush!


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Thrill Of The Hunt

Silently, they emerge
From the thickets…
From the trees.
They look, they sniff, they look again... more »

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