• Angels

    Elliot Ray Neiderland, home from college
    one winter, hauling a load of Herefords
    from Hogtown to Guymon with a pint of
    Ezra Brooks and a copy of Rilke’s Duineser... more »

  • Body And Soul

    Half-numb, guzzling bourbon and Coke from coffee mugs,
    our fathers fall in love with their own stories, nuzzling
    the facts but mauling the truth, and my friend's father begins
    to lay out with the slow ease of a blues ballad a story... more »

  • Early Occult Memory Systems Of The Lower Midwest

    In his fifth year the son, deep in the backseat
    of his father's Ford and the mysterium
    of time, holds time in memory with words,
    night, this night, on the way to a stalled rig south... more »

  • Flight

    Outside my window the wasps
    are making their slow circle,
    dizzy flights of forage and return,
    hovering among azaleas... more »

  • Motion Sickness

    I am tired of the heave and swell,
    the deep lunge in the belly, the gut's
    dumb show of dance and counterdance,
    sway and pause, the pure jig of nausea... more »

  • Old Men Playing Basketball

    The heavy bodies lunge, the broken language
    of fake and drive, glamorous jump shot
    slowed to a stutter. Their gestures, in love... more »

  • Song

    "Gesang ist Dasein"

    A small thing done well, the steel bit paring
    the cut end of the collar, lifting delicate... more »

  • The Art Of The Lathe

    Leonardo imagined the first one.
    The next was a pole lathe with a drive cord,
    illustrated in Plumier's L'art de tourner en perfection.
    Then Ramsden, Vauconson, the great Maudslay,... more »

  • The Deposition

    Dust storm, we thought, a brown swarm
    plugging the lungs, or a locust-cloud,
    but this was a collapse, a slow sinking
    to deeper brown, and deeper still, like the sky... more »

  • The Problem

    How in Heraclitus
    ideas of things, quality, and event
    the perceiver/perceived, too,... more »

  • Thermoregulation In Winter Moths

    How do the winter moths survive when other moths die? What enables them to avoid freezing as they rest, and what makes it possible for them to fly -- and so to seek food and mates -- in the cold?
    Bernd Heinrich, Scientific American

    1. The Himalayas... more »