B. J. Ayers (better known as Bj) has been writing poetry for the past 35 years. He is married, the father of three children and the Grandfather of Four. Many of his poems have been displayed in Photographic and Art Galleries throughout the world as a narrative description for works within the galleries.


B.J. Ayers Poems

Boy And His Kite (Special Memory)

High in the sky, like a bird in the air,
One lonely kite, soars peacefully there,
A child on the ground, with a string in hand,
Pulling ever so slightly, to keep it from sand,... more »

The Storm

The Storm

The heavens darken; the clouds are filled,
A rumble far away, with a thunderous roar,... more »

My Friend The Rabbit

I saw a rabbit, with a furry little tale,
A cute little fellow, as he consumed my plant,
I said scat, but he just stared and ate,
Little mouth just twitching, consuming my kale,... more »

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