• A Choice Of Nectar

    The sweet nectar of the grape
    To enjoy at days end
    The tartness of the red
    The cool white to escape... more »

  • A Fair Life

    Life’s not fair,
    Or so we think,
    Life can change,
    In one quick blink,... more »

  • A Fall Evening

    The setting sun behind me
    Casting against the trees a shining glow
    I sat on the pier, looking across the water
    A beautiful site for me to see... more »

  • A Ghostly Tale

    The air is still, in the darkness of night,
    Shadows looming from a moon that’s bright
    Strange noises heard, with a sense of fright,
    The heart pounds loudly, in a chest so tight,... more »

  • A Grandfather's Prayer

    My Dear God, Please hear my prayer,
    For answers from thee, is all I seek,
    I pray to thee, for all like me,
    My Dear God, Please hear my prayer,... more »

  • A Grandpa's Wish

    Dear God I wish,
    For help from Thee,
    For one last wish,
    It‘s not just for me.... more »

  • A Journey In Life

    Remember when. At an age so young,
    When life was in the future,
    And all your worries seemed so intent,
    And disappointments flowed from a parents tongue... more »

  • A Letter To My Wife

    To: The Heavens Above
    The Kingdom of God
    {Angel Division}... more »

  • A Life Not Wasted

    A life entrusted by God

    Loosing its path to follow... more »

  • A Life To Live Or One To Loose

    There was a time when I dreamed of fantasies,
    A cowboy on the range, or a famous king,
    There was a time when life was a dream,
    But now an old man, who only grows pansies,... more »

  • A Little Brook

    The Little Brook

    Through mountains, and valleys,
    Flowing, narrow and long... more »

  • A Lovers Summer

    As summer vanished, along with you
    I walked the path, we once shared,
    Chasing dreams from years gone by,
    Yet knowing now, they were just too few.... more »

  • A New Day

    The sun arises in the eastern horizon
    Casting colors across darkened skies
    An artist palate for nature to explore
    Painting a masterpiece yet to be exceeded... more »

  • A Play On Words

    Why do we experience, experiences, experienced?
    Why do we feel, feelings, felt?
    Why do we dream, dreams dreamed
    Why we think, things, thought... more »

  • A Season Called Fall

    The beautiful trees in a season called fall,
    With bright colors, of orange and red,
    A chill in the air, as trees stand tall,
    Shedding their leaves, for the winter's dread... more »

  • A Surprise No More

    As newly weds, you learn to share,
    Surprises and things you never surmise,
    As husband and wife you have to bear,
    Those things meant with love, and to surprise,... more »

  • A Time Gone By

    Do you remember the days gone by,
    The friends you shared, the memories of all,
    The games you played, when you would cry,
    When you left home, and Mother would call,... more »

  • Boy And His Kite (Special Memory)

    High in the sky, like a bird in the air,
    One lonely kite, soars peacefully there,
    A child on the ground, with a string in hand,
    Pulling ever so slightly, to keep it from sand,... more »

  • Common Sense

    Within the house of common sense,
    Their are a few, who only see,
    Their mind they think is always right,
    For all the others, they think are dense,... more »

  • Evening

    As the sun sets and darkness descends,
    The sound of nature with all it’s might,
    The birds, the frogs, the crickets, they send,
    The chirps, the croaks, all sounds of night,... more »

  • Family

    What is a family, that’s what we ask,
    For some it means little, for they may seek,
    A life of love and sharing each other,
    For that is the joy a family can keep,... more »

  • Fate Or Luck

    Just what is fate and what does it mean,
    Hopes to dreams to wishes and more,
    Not always good nor always bad,
    It’s often only, what we wish for.... more »

  • Fear (The Emotion)

    Fear, an emotion easily obtained,
    Something we dread, or maybe of shame,
    Fear for a life, or sickness within,
    Emotions obtained, but difficult to contain.... more »

  • Forever

    I often think of this world I’m in,
    The life I’ve led, the life I’ll lead,
    How I’ve lived, and where I’ve been,
    What lies ahead and the seeds I’ll spread,... more »

  • Have You Ever Wondered?

    Have you ever wondered who you are?
    Why you are here or why you can't fly
    Have you ever wondered at all?... more »