• The Pain Of An Old Man

    The world is changing
    I know not why
    By the grace of God
    I want to cry... more »

  • The Politician

    Vote for me, vote for me, that’s what they all say,
    I’ll give you this, I’ll give you that, they shout to all,
    Elect me as your candidate, with a smile on their face,
    I will cut your taxes, I will even let you pray,... more »

  • The Robin

    Standing still, with head upright,
    A mother Robin, on the grass stood proud,... more »

  • The Snake

    It slithers along the ground,
    Forked tongue slips side to side,
    Some say its Satan,
    As it slithers without a sound,... more »

  • The Snowfall

    Interment flakes, individually designed,
    Falling from heaven in a serenity of gray
    On the ground and in trees and frozen streams
    Combining flakes, resting where assigned... more »

  • The Spectacular Mountain

    A colossal spectacle, penetrating a sea of blue,
    Manifesting a strength, yet so very meek,
    Snow covered crown, peering through misty hue,
    A challenge in nature, that some will seek,... more »

  • The Storm

    The Storm

    The heavens darken; the clouds are filled,
    A rumble far away, with a thunderous roar,... more »

  • The Treasure Of Life

    A period in time, it begins with a breath,
    Memories remain, for all who knew,... more »

  • Thunderstorms

    Angry, dark, clouds, they fill the sky,
    The roar of their voices so low and loud,
    The rain they drop, so heavy at times,
    Tears are flowing, from the heavens so high,... more »

  • Wake Up America

    Wake up America, Why can’t you see,
    An evil is pursuing both you and me,
    We must wake up, I issue this plea,
    Nations are falling, for all to see.... more »

  • We Must Not Forget

    A people without remorse, a people without care,
    For life of others, and even their own,
    In the name of religion, they claim to declare,
    Some of their own, will not even condone,... more »

  • What Is Death?

    Is death the end?
    Is death the beginning?

    A key that opens... more »

  • When I Am Gone

    What is a soul, we often ask,
    Is it only a mirage, or a gift from God,
    A gift that will end or continue the journey,
    Will it end with the body, will it end its task,... more »

  • Why This Uniform

    I wear this uniform, I’m proud to say,
    I do a job, that others despair,
    I chose to do it, but not for the pay,
    For love of God and Country, I swear,... more »

  • You Pesky Fly

    Pesky little critters is what I have to say
    Annoying, dirty, and downright quick
    Driving you nuts as they fly about
    Why are they here, especially today?... more »